Madison County Transit
Customer Advisory

March 24, 2017


Many of you have experienced issues with the onboard Wi-Fi service in the last few weeks. Please see the information below regarding the recent changes:
  • Our Wi-Fi service provider has placed a cap on the data plan, and when system-wide usage reaches that cap each month, the speed is throttled down by the provider.

  • Unlike a stationary Wi-Fi signal in a home or office, the strength of MCT’s mobile Wi-Fi signal fluctuates based on the bus’ proximity to a cell tower.

  • The Wi-Fi service is always turned on when the bus is operating. If the bus was recently re-started, it may take 5-10 minutes for Wi-Fi to become available.

  • If you receive the message, “Hot Spot Unavailable” when you log-in, turn off the Wi-Fi on your device, wait a few minutes, turn Wi-Fi back on and attempt to reconnect.

  • Due to these limitations, streaming may be compromised.

  • As a reminder, the availability and speed of Wi-Fi on the buses is not guaranteed or part of your fare. It is a complimentary service that is subject to the limitations described above.
Thank you for your patience and for riding MCT.