Madison County Transit
How to Ride

1. Where do MCT buses go?
MCT Express weekday, peak-only, limited stop commuter service.

MCT Regional Bus service to MetroLink.

MCT Cross County Bus service from zone to zone within Madison County.

MCT Shuttles Bus service within a single Madison County zone.

MCT Specials Bus service to the St. Louis Muny for every Friday night performance.

2. How do I know which bus to take?
Each MCT bus route has its own name. Look at an MCT system map or the front of MCT schedules to find the route you need.

If you need help finding a route or time, call MCT at 797-INFO (4636).

3. Where can I get MCT schedules?
On any MCT bus, at MCT transfer stations, and at 90 distribution locations around the county. You can also view and print schedules here.

4. How do I catch the bus?
Arrive early and stand at any bus stop along the route. Signal the driver by holding up your hand and waving.

Look at the headsign to make sure you have the correct route.

5. How much does it cost to ride MCT?
Click here for a link to our fares and passes.

6. How do I pay the fare?
Insert your money in the farebox as you board.

Please have exact amount, drivers do not have change.

7. How do I get the bus to stop?
One block before your destination, pull the cord along the window to signal the driver.

The driver will let you off at the next safe intersection.

8. Are MCT buses accessible?
All MCT buses are wheelchair accessible.

Buses are equipped with lifts or ramps.

Larger buses “kneel” to the ground.

9. What are the Guidelines for Riding the Bus?
Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

Smoking, eating, or drinking on the buses is prohibited by law.

The use of electronic or vapor cigarettes is prohibited.

Swearing or loud, abusive language is not allowed.

Headphones are required for portable music or gaming devices.

Physical or verbal acts or threats of violence to anyone on board are punishable by law.

Strollers and portable carts are allowed but must be folded and stowed out of the aisle.

Children must be removed from strollers and seated before the bus will begin moving.

Passengers must remain seated until the bus comes to a stop. Standing is allowed behind the yellow line when no seats are available.

Roller blades, skates, or skateboards must be carried on the bus and kept out of the aisle.

Baggage and packages are not allowed in the aisle or on the seats. Packages must fit under the passenger’s seat or on the passenger’s lap and must not contain hazardous materials or interfere with other passengers.

Loud, abusive behavior is not tolerated and may result in suspension of ridership privileges.

Passengers who do not follow these guidelines will be asked to leave the bus or be subject to arrest.

If there is a dispute, please abide by the driver’s or supervisor’s request and call 797-INFO (4636) for clarification.